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The Rental Housing Association (RHA) is a non-profit organization serving rental owners and property managers in the Sacramento Valley region. Members of our association own or manage over 80,000 rental units, from single-family homes to apartment communities.  RHA is the local Chapter of the California Apartment Association.

Industry News

City of Sacramento changes mandatory Rental Housing Inspection Program and reduces annual fee

The Sacramento City Council amended its mandatory rental inspection ordinance last year. Thanks to RHA, the annual Rental Housing Inspection Program fee was reduced by $12 (from $28 per unit to $16 per unit) - a savings of 43%. In addition, rental owners who pass the initial inspection can self-certify their properties, but must follow certain procedures and use the proper forms, includng the new "Residents Right's Form". RHA can help you comply with the ordinance.

Click here for information, forms, and training to help you comply with the inspection program.

RHA opposition persuades fire district to put new property tax on hold

Stong opposition led by RHA Sacramento Valley persuaded the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District to put its proposed property tax assessment on hold. This action spared rental property owners from a new annual assessment of $14 to $30 per unit.The fire district had been seeking a special vote-by-mail election to gain approval of a new "Fire Suppression Benefit Assessment."

RHA was the first business group to oppose the assessment and others quickly followed, including the Sacramento Taxpayers Association and Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. The fire district agreed to meet with RHA before attempting any future property tax. Click here for more information.

 Featured Events & Classes

Congratulations to RHA Stellar Award winners

The RHA Stellar Awards event was on March 13 at the historic Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento.  The Stellar Awards recognizes achievement in various aspected of the rental housing management profession, including leasing, management and maintenance.

Click here for a list of winners.

RHA Annual Legal Seminar

Click here to access the Annual Legal Seminar Resources (for students who attended the seminar). 

 RHA Offers Online Education
Visit the RHA online learning center at www.RHACampus.com and check out the courses available via the internet. The online courses include How to Comply with the County of Sacramento Insection Program and Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications for the Disabled.

 RHA website user names and passwords  
You need to login with a user name and password to access the “Members Only” sections of the RHA website. For example, only RHA members will be able to view the useful information in the Industry Issues Library. RHA members also receive a user name and password for complete access to the  CAA website, including all of the free CAA forms.

For user name or password assistance, call RHA at (916) 920-1120 or email Info@RHA.org


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